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Our philosophy is;

“I can achieve, I can Succeed, I am Confident”.

About Confidence

We promote education and lifelong learning through our multi-faceted approach to providing quality services for students, families, and communities.

The Confidence Group is a youth-centric organization providing pathways to success through 21st century learning and personal development to assist students academically, socially, cognitive, and emotionally. Our techniques are fun, interactive, and geared towards strengthening self-confidence.

We believe that everyone needs a success story and a means of gaining recognition. It’s a part of the growing process, with each accomplishment contributing positively to the development of a stronger personality.


Confidence partners with Microsoft

World class technology giant, Microsoft, will join with The Confidence Group in Dallas, Texas to host YouthSpark Live, a special day-long event where more than 3,000 students in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area will get to learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (S.T.E.M.) fields — and have fun doing it.

What We Do

We help students realize that they can learn anything and therefore can learn to accomplish any goal they set for themselves. A student with confidence has a coolness and freedom that resonates with others. The Confidence program emphases the belief in one’s own powers to improve and succeed. We identify that seed of potential each student brings to the program and we help him or her develop it while building his or her confidence.

Our Goal

Our goal is to transform young people to have more confidence in their abilities, by imparting new skills and build self-confidence in themselves.

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Serving over 30,000 students

Our Academic Solution program is customized based on individual needs to ensure that learning is focused and impactful.