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For 17 years, The Confidence Group and our predecessor companies have partnered with education institutions, government agencies and community groups to provide outcomes-based learning programs that are tailored to individual student needs and that produce positive academic results.

Here at Confidence, it is our intent and goal to be constantly innovative, inventive and progressive with the products we offer you, our customer. We focus on providing informative and effective training and content that is easy to follow. Our products are currently in use by thousands of students and schools across the United States.

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Experience Staff

We practice a very small teacher to student ratio, generally 1:20, to maximize the teacher/student experience. This more focused learning concept creates meaningful links to connect each child on a personal level. The immersive environment is ideal for fostering creativity and allowing you to reach your learning potential.

We have a seasoned management team and both full and part-time qualified teachers dedicated to students. Our Lead Supervisor and teachers know the schools they serve and are well respected and regarded at part of the school community. Our teachers have established relationships with students, faculty, and parents, and are familiar with state requirements and procedures.

What We Do

We help students realize their self-confidence and that they can learn anything and therefore can learn to accomplish any goal they set for themselves. We emphasize the belief in one’s own powers to improve and succeed. We identify that seed of potential each student brings to the program and we help him or her develop it while building his or her confidence.

We believe that a high-quality curriculum is essential for producing maximum academic success. Our program components consist of custom-developed reading and mathematics curricula, cultural enrichment materials, individualized student lesson plans, and assessments that are aligned with state standardized tests and industry-leading concepts.

Innovative Learning

Our Planning for Success through Role Modeling helps young people build a pathway to success through role modeling. Our role modeling process inspires students to starts with a plan, set benchmarks and goals, and has fun learning.

On-Site Engagement

Our programs are conducted where more kids already attend so they are familiar and comfortable with the environment around them, which make the student ready to engage and learn.


Our reporting of student data is design to keep track of each student progress, which allow us to manage student’s success and allow us to communicate with partners, schools, staff, and parents of students progress.

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How will our program benefit your agency?

Confidence supports children across several summers and year-round sites in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. We partner with schools and community organizations to deliver services embedded where children are already attending. The services are implemented by professional and highly-trained educators and volunteers, before, during, and after school; and weekend hours.

  1. Our programs are designed to help sharpen student’s cognitive and social skills.

  2. Our programs inspire young people to be confident and embrace learning.

  3. Our programs consist of engaging hands-on activities that help students better connect with their learning to flourish in their environment.

  4. Our program is designed to produce three key learning outcomes: close the achievement gap, decrease high school dropouts and make productive citizens.

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