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The Confidence Group seeks to inspire diversity and transformation by educating our youth. We provide a universal experience and the value of positive self-esteem within each person. With these tools, the youth of our communities can go anywhere, can succeed anytime, and can achieve anything!!!

Our focus on youth is to provide inroads to success and build confidence one youth at a time. This has the potential to transform and bring about major change, not only in the individual, but others they encounter. After all, who knows which individual may eventually become the next great leader of change? Therefore, it is our role to serve as a catalyst to improving young minds and unleash their growth potential with confidence in themselves as the key building block.

We are a youth centric organization focused on providing real pathways

to success through 21st century learning and personal development techniques.

Our Featured Services

Services are delivered on-site

Programs are conducted where the kids already attend so they are familiar with the school and no extra travel is needed.

Innovative Learning

21st Century learning supported by corporate partners. The concepts are infused with 4Cs concept to make topics more engaging.

Confidence ID

We connect to the kid as an individual – listen to their experience/perspective and check what’s going on at home and in school.

Plan of Action

Now we connect the dream (role modeling) to their education. Most kids focus on a role model and aspire to be in that image.

Organizational Assessment

We customize curriculum based on learning goals and include reflection "brain-breaks" for the kids to explore, connect and support.


We give pre/post tests and periodic progress reports in alignment with the school's standards. We report to the parent and show each child's growth.