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Confidence vs. Low Self Esteem

There are mainly two negative ways in which confidence could manifest for someone: the lack of confidence, which leads to low self esteem, and the overconfidence, that might lead to arrogance.

Low self esteem usually develops after a long period of time in which a person disregard his/her own self, as a result of a comparison with others or with the so called social standards. This deficit of confidence is often causing damage to the person holding this belief. It prevents good things from happening, by using fear of a future event for stopping something that might turn out positive and rewarding.  

On the other hand, overconfidence turned into arrogance can be harmful, as well, because it implies holding a superior view of oneself that is contrasting with the reality. This is also a damaging aspect of confidence, because it could create differences between how a person is regarded by the society and that person's self awareness, or it can result in negative outcomes when the person in cause is facing a real life situation where his/her abilities were not realistically evaluated.  

However, there is a level of self-assessment which can always be beneficial, and that level can be achieved by creating a balance between low self esteem and overconfidence. Finding and constantly improving one's confidence is not impossible, nor is it something predestined. It is an attribute which can be altered in our favor, with the right mindset and tools. In the next sections, you can find a few examples on how a healthy level of confidence can be achieved and maintained.


The Confidence Group


Jun 12, 2015


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