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The Importance of Self-Confidence


Self-confidence plays a vital role in the way you see yourself and how others perceive you. It also decides, to a high degree, if you are going to be successful in any activity you carry on, be it a school assignment, a candidature for class representative, a job interview or even a date. This is why self-confidence is so important: it builds the relationship with your own persona and with those around you, and helps you stay connected and stay strong in the face of any adversity. View it like this: self-confidence is most of the time self-constructive, while low self-confidence is always self-destructive. Failure is right around the corner when you doubt yourself. Self-reliability emanates and attracts positive energy, needed to accomplish any task, while low self-reliability attracts negativity in your life and bad outcomes. In short, the quality of your life depends, to a great extent, to your self-confidence or the lack of it.

When you want to pursue something, you have to believe with all of your heart that you will achieve it. And in doing so, you are self-reliant on your skills. If you don’t have the skills, you must be willing to invest time and effort and hard-work to develop them, nurture them and make them your strength. Self-confidence is, ideally, an intelligent, realistic type of confidence, with a solid foundation. This means that in order to be confident in yourself, you need something to rely on, something that you know you’re good at, something that you do and it is appreciated by others: maybe it’s your charisma, maybe you are good with words and have social skills, maybe you excel in artistic or technical drawing, maybe your are first in your class or maybe you finally understood how that machine works, ultimately it’s your own merit.

Why does self-confidence matter so much? Because when you come into contact with someone, the first thing your judgmental mind picks up is the first appearance of that person and what she/he emanates: was she nervous, fidgety, confused or with a shaky voice when speaking with you? Then she won’t inspire you too much trust. The same will happen with you: if you lack conviction in your own words and skills, it’s going to show in your behavior. The consequence of this is that you won’t be labeled as a trustworthy person, thus you won’t make a very good impression on others. And who wants to be surrounded by insecure people? If you do not have faith in yourself and don’t see yourself as a competent being, do you really believe that others will.


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Jenny Lewis


Ashley Junior