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Our Life Skills Program is all about giving students K-8th grade, the tools to become their greatest socially. Our program is developed through a multi-step and multi-faceted approach designed to promote positive behaviors and to diminish inappropriate student behavior.

Our programs provide the necessary skills to pass the End-of-Course examinations and to assist in further developing important skills necessary to perform well. Our techniques are fun, interactive, and geared towards strengthening self-confidence.

Our Homework Help program is designed to assist students with their daily homework, by reinforcing their teachers’ instruction. In addition, our instructors assist in completing past assignments and encourage students to always be accurate and timely with homework.

Our Build Your World S.T.E.M Program creates active learning environments for students K-8th grade to engage in innovative and creative hands-on learning activities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Confidence Music and Dance Program teaches students’ K-8th grade, how to express themselves in a variety of modalities. Our goal is to develop music appreciation, performance skills, and proficiency on diverse percussion instruments while providing life skills.

Our Digital Music Program aims to be a comprehensive platform in order for the students’ K-8th grade, to learn key aspects of the digital music industry. Our goal is to teach song development from scratch to final product, songwriting principles, processes such as creating tracks, and more

How we can help

We partner with schools and community organizations to deliver services embedded where children are already attending. The services are implemented by professional and highly-trained educators and volunteers, before, during, and after school; and weekend hours.

  • • Expose students to comprehension STEM strategies and applications

  • • Positively impact participant’s academic growth

  • • Positively impact participant’s attendance

  • • Positively impact participant’s conduct at school by providing challenges and rigorous and engaging curriculum

  • • Work with the STEAM Council and ISD to expand the vision for STEM programs

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Our Staff

We practice a very small teacher to student ratio, generally 1:20, to maximize the teacher/student experience. This more focused learning concept creates meaningful links to connect each child on a personal level. The immersive environment is ideal for fostering creativity and allowing you to reach your learning potential.

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