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Our Social Emotional Programs is all about helping students succeed socially and emotionally.


The goal of our Social and Emotional Learning Services is all about helping students succeed socially and emotionally. Our program promotes positive behaviors amongst students in grades K-12. We cover topics that address the hallmarks of behavior and intellectual growth in the home, school and community.

Intended outcomes include:,

An increased number of students who meet or exceed state standards in core academic subjects.

Decrease in youth violence and drug use.

An increased number of parental involvements in child learning.

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SEL Programs K-5th Grades

All of our programs are diverse so that every child can relate. Through our literature and lesson plans, we empower students by addressing real life issues that occur in daily life. We offer compassion and help students understand that they are not the only one’s facing issues. In this program students learn how to analyze and overcome simple and complex issues.

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SEL Programs - 6th-12th Grades

On our journey to adulthood, we are all reinventing who we are based on of influences. The impacts can move us in any direction depending on our own personal foundation and support system. Today’s information exchange is more easily accessed than ever before offering various types of influences. Let’s do something extra for our kids to strengthen their character by giving them the social emotional tools they need to navigate life effectively.

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