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Motivating Schools with Confidence

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The Confidence Group seeks to inspire and spark transformation by motivating our students and educators, providing them with tools of power, and instilling within each person the values that strength positive self-esteem.

Our Services

We know, at your school, you have so many demands to fulfill. However, your ultimate priority is your students and teachers success. Let us help lighten your load.


Confidence can help you develop your staff and students through our many programs. In addition, we provide amazing motivational events to inspire and build your students’ morale and excitement about learning.


Together we can make a difference. Let us partner with you and your school to offer these life-changing services.

Our students goals
Make better grades in school
Our students goals
Are less likely to drop out of school
Our students goals
Spark kids interest in Computer Science
Educator goals
Have an increase in self-confidence
Educator goals
Have an increase in self-values
Educator goals
Have more hope for their future
  • Staff Professional Development

    Discover how to influence and drive your teachers to produce exceptional results. Confidence professional development sessions help teachers to discover, restore, and unleash their greatest passion for teaching. We encourage and motivate them to use that passion as fuel to drive their students, school and community to optimum success.

  • Student (Social Emotional Learning)

    Our Social Emotional Learning Program- is all about giving our students the tools to become the greatest versions of themselves possible. Our program is developed through a multi-step and multi-faceted approach supported to promote positive behaviors and to diminish inappropriate student behavior.

  • Educational Programs (S.T.E.A.M)

    Our STEM Program creates an active learning environment for students K-5 to be involved and engaged in hands-on learning activities. We are teaching and learning above and beyond by embracing the 4C’s-“Super Skills” for the 21st Century which are Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity.

  • YouthSpark LIVE - Event

    We also believe that everyone needs a success story and a means of gaining recognition. It’s a part of the growing process, with each accomplishment contributing positively to the development of a stronger personality.