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College Access and Career Ready

Our College Access and Career Ready program provide students with insight on the expectations and qualifications for entering college and beginning a career. In this program, students learn key content and techniques sufficient to begin their career pathway. Time management, leadership, goal setting, and teamwork collaboration are only a few of the topics covered in this program.

Our College Access Program

Our College Access program is to ensure that every student becomes a “global graduate”. In this course, students will gain access to valuable hands-on training that will prepare them to be successful in college and in their future careers.

  • Test preparation services for college and career readiness assessments, such as AP, IB, PSAT, ACT, SAT, TSI.

  • Preparation services, campus level support focused on college and career exploration and, affordability and readiness.

  • Face-to-face instruction for collegiate level and vocational coursework. 

  • Covering all the key challenges faced and how/what to be prepared for; food, transportation, housing, roommates, expenses, budgeting, part time work, accountability, personal conduct do’s and don’t’s (partying, substance abuse, etc)

Our Career Ready program

Our Career Ready program students will gain leadership skills that motivate, enthuse and build respect for others. They learn to communicate with their team to complete projects efficiently and effectively. In addition, our program equips students with time management skills to help them stay focus and complete tasks in a shorter timeframe. It also assists in reducing their stress level that often persists at school and in the workplace.

  • We will work seamlessly with our partnerships to unravel red tape, simplify processes, and get meaningful results so that our students are as college/career ready as possible.

  • Assistance will be provided with the human resources department to get proper hiring paperwork processed.

  • Students in our program will leave with a customized, step-by-step, plan of action they can independently follow for success!

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