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Who We Are

Our History of 16 years

We are an organization focused on providing real pathways to success through 21st century learning and personal development techniques. With over 16 years experience, our focus is on building relationships and action plans that involve students, parents, educators and the community to build sustainable change.


We believe our focus on youth by providing inroads to success and building confidence one youth at a time has the potential to transform and bring about major change, not only in the individual, but others they encounter.

Everyone Deserves A Success Story!

Confidence Success Report Shows

  • • Make better grades in school

  • • Have an increase in self-confidence

  • • Have an increase in self-values

  • • Are less likely to drop out of school

  • • Have more hope for their future

  • • Spark Kids interest in Computer Sciences is text for item6

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Motivating Schools with Confidence

The Confidence Group seeks to inspire and spark transformation by motivating students and educators, providing them with tools of power, and instilling within each person the values that strength positive self-esteem.

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Student (Social Emotional Learning)

S.T.E.A.M Educational Programs

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