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Our Educational Programs Improves Student Academically and Socially.

Here at Confidence it is our intent and goal to be constantly innovative, inventive and progressive with the products we offer you, our customer. We focus on providing informative and effective training and content that is easy to follow.

We understand for students to be able to compete in today’s global, knowledge-based, innovation-centered economy, young people must go beyond a high school diploma and acquire not just academic knowledge, but interpersonal capacities…

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Our Educational Programs

Confidence has designed a customized plan for students to learn, have fun and grow during out of school time, through the Ultimate Out-of-School Experience Program. In this program, students are able to experience learning on another level. They will engage in hands-on STEM projects, music and arts, character building and more. The following are some of the programs included in our Ultimate Out-of-School Experience.

College and Career Ready Program

Our College Access and Career Ready program provide students with insight on the expectations and qualifications for entering college and beginning a career.

S.T.E.M Program

Our S.T.E.M Program creates active learning environments for students K-8th grade to engage in innovative and creative hands-on learning activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Character Building Program

Our Character Building Program is all about helping students succeed socially and emotionally. Our program promotes positive behaviors amongst students in grades K-12.

Visual & Performing Arts Program

Our Visual and Performing Arts Program will provide high-quality arts education and performance opportunities. Students will experience theory and practice of the arts...


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"I Can Achieve, I can Succeed, I am Confident"

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Social Emotional Learning K-5 Products

Our program promotes positive behaviors amongst students in grades K-5th We cover topics that address the hallmarks of behavior and intellectual growth in the home, school, and community. Our program helps to empower, motivate, and transition students for optimum success socially and emotionally.




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